18" White Rooster Throw Pillow Cover | Handmade Needlepoint | French Farmhouse

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  • This is a beautiful wool needlepoint pillow cover. The pillow front is hand-stitched using 100% New Zealand Wool. The rooster is made using petitpoints to enhance the details. Many hours, often weeks of work and skill went into completing these tapestries by hand and reworking them into a pillow. The rooster is finished using petitpoints to enhance the details. They will sit perfectly in a traditional environment or a contemporary space and create an eye catching focal point & a great conversation piece. 
  • If you know needlepoint pillows prices, you know these are a deal. Our prices are minimum 25-70% below retail pricing. 
  • It makes a perfect gift for your family or friends. 
  • Add 2" to the insert if the size is bigger than 16". Add 1" for smaller covers. A bigger insert will fill out the corners and your pillow looks plumpy. 
  • Please contact us if you need a pair or more.
  • Sprinkle these around the house or on a sofa, chair, bed or window seat.