BodyHealt Roll Pillow, Bolster Pillow - Round Pillow with Extra Firm Density. Round Neck Pillow for Spine & Neck Support. Lumbar Roll, Cylinder Pillows for Lumbar Support. Cervical Roll (5X12" Navy)

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High-Quality, Health-Related Products.

Helping people gain comfort in a variety of situations, BodyHealt develops health-related products which alleviate pain and provide relaxing support in the proper posture. Each product is made using high-quality materials and workmanship to provide long-lasting strength and use for the duration, keeping you happy, comfortable and completely satisfied day in and day out.


The Perfect Solution for You!

If you wake up with neck or back pain on a regular basis, the BodyHealt Round cervical roll bolster pillow cushion with removable washable cover is the perfect solution for you. Easily slide the roll into your pillowcase to experience optimal comfort and support while you sleep, and take off the removable cover to wash when needed to make it Fresh as new. Durably constructed of precision-molded foam, the cushion furnishes support directly to local body regions to aid with aches, pains and stiffness over extended periods of time. The material not only molds to the contours of your body to deliver pain relief, but also retains its shape after continual use. Working in conjunction with your regular pillow, The high-density foam provides a padded cushion that supports the neck region while you sleep. The cushion's; S size and ergonomic shape helps your upper spine maintain its proper curve and alignment, promoting good posture and natural sleeping habits. As a result, it reduces head, shoulder, neck and back discomfort so you can catch some zzzzs. Besides reducing the symptoms of back and muscle tension, The lumbar roll can also be used to comfort both knees and ankles during injury recovery. Furthermore, it can be used for lumbar support in most chairs to provide long-lasting support. Lessen and prevent pain resulting from poor sleeping posture and experience comfort instead. The BodyHealt Round cervical roll bolster pillow cushion reacts quickly to your body, providing fast relief and recovering slowly to offer long-lasting support. It’ S A simple and ideal solution for the all-night support you need, helping to relieve your pain so you can wake up feeling reinvigorated.