Lavender Dream Friend Pillow - Relax, and Sleep Well Tonight - Made in Colorado

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Lavender Dream Friend Pillow - Relax, and Sleep Well Tonight - Made in Colorado. 

Cute, so cute. That is what Lavender Dream Friend pillows are. They come in many different patterns to meet your style. Each dream friend is filled with herb blends to help you fall to sleep. Herbs are sown into a Muslin Sack and put into each dream friend pillow to create your own unique pillow. Sizing of pillows range from 4.7" X 4.7" to 5" X 5" - each pillow will be slightly different than the ones picture depending on the way the fabric is cut. 


Herbs Blends:

  • Pleasant Dreams: A pleasant light yet sweet aroma - almost like a relaxing cup of bedtime tea. Has a faint mint overtone.
  • Peaceful Slumber: An early smell with a light floral overtone. Small hints of pine remind me of a peaceful forest afternoon.
  • Relaxing Dreams: Sage like overtone with a hint of lavender. - Almost woodsy smelling
  • Traveler's Comfort: Fragrant flower overtone that has a pleasant sweet smell with a mild fruity nuances and a hint of heliotrope - almost like a lovely walk through your grandmothers springtime garden. 
  • Creativity Blend: A sweet blend with a spicy undertone. Aromatic and almost irresistible. 


Fabric vary depending on current fabric availability. 

Current 2019 Fabric Options:

Buffalo Check - Black and White

Buffalo Check - Blue and White

Buffalo Check - Red and White

Barn Wood - White Tone

Adventure - Buffalo Western