Piper Classics Farmhouse Red Grain Sack Stripe Throw Pillow Cover, 12" x 20", Country Primitive or Farmhouse Home Accent

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Size: Pillow Cover 12x20

True grain sack fabrics were once used by farmers and millers to make bags to hold corn, wheat, and other grains. The thick sturdy fabric made them perfect for loading on wagons and trucks to transport to market or other farms. Colored stripes were added to identify the owner, much as a business logo is used today. This look is hugely popular in today’s farmhouse decor and it’s easy to see why; in part, it’s because it’s an interesting part of our heritage but it’s also due to the simplicity of these fabrics and the wonderful texture and subtle touch of color they bring to a room. While not made from antique grain sacks, our Red Grain Sack Stripe collection imparts the spirit and style of this wonderful bit of history; featuring an appliqued red grain sack stripe on a sandy beige chambray fabric. The Farmhouse Red Grain Sack Stripe Pillow Cover is a Piper Classics original, adding that rustic look instantly to your country farmhouse, vintage cottage or woodsy lodge. With its warm colors and casual feel, it's exactly the kind of update your home needs right now! The pillow cover makes a beautiful addition to your existing decor throughout the entire year or it can be used to create a festive Christmas mood in your home with other fabrics in our exclusive collections. Holiday pillow covers, linens, and stockings coordinate seamlessly with the pillow cover as well.