RoseGlamique Elegant Soft Grey Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 2 Throw Pillow Cover) Soft Texture Couch Pillows -16 x 16 Throw Pillow Set - Sofa Pillow - Decorative Pillow Covers - Farmhouse Pillow Covers

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★ Glam up Any Room with Our Eye-Catching, yet Classy Soft Grey Throw Pillow ★

Love to dress up your space & need the perfect elegant addition to bring your entire decor together?  If you've got the inserts, we've got the solution for you.

Our chic and classy grey throw pillow covers are just what you're looking for.  The neutral soothing color complements any ideas you've got stirring up in your head.

  • The covers are so easy to put on and take off.  They especially look amazing in the living room on the couch.
  • Going for a minimalistic look?  The grey fits in better than you'd ever believe.  
  • The classic simplicity matches different decor and color themes, whether at home, in your dorms, or in the office. 
  • They are very practical and comfortable for everyday use.

Want to be wild & go for an eye-catching style?  Our popping border & noticeable shine is the perfect piece to complement your aesthetics.

But what's a cover if it doesn't last?  Don't worry, we invest in 100% polyester.  That means your cover:

  • Won't lose its charm after one wash cycle, even if it's machine washed.  ✔
  • Will be incredibly resistant to wear & tear, whether you have kids or pets.  ✔
  • Is stain resistant, making maintenance a breeze.  ✔

And don't think we forgot the zipper.  The heart of any good cover, our zippers are tough & resistant to all forms of friction keeping them smooth for years. 

The second you lie down, you'll love how gentle and soft our pillows are against your skin.  Resilient but comfy, it's a treat for the eyes & body. ♥♥

★ If you're ready to take your decor game to the next level, add our cover to your cart now.